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The FASTEST WAY from content to engaging stories

Revolutionise Video Editing

Powered by years of storytelling excellence

Edit, boost, share, and captivate effortlessly! Invest your time where it's needed.

Transform Your Content Seamlessly.

HiveClip offers a cloud-based platform for content creation and editing. With our modernized analytics, you can get a 360-degree view of your content creation. Let your users get to know you.

Seamless Export for Social Impact

Our application is versatile and easy to use. You can create any type of video content with our platform, from product demos to social media ads. Let your users get to know you.

Create Impactful Short-Form Content with Ease

HiveClip uses AI-powered editing to make content creation effortless. Our intelligent editing tools ensure that your videos are polished and professional. Let your users get to know you.

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Transform Your Content Seamlessly.

Simplify your content journey with state-of-the-art tools. Transcribe podcasts, keynotes, and workshops effortlessly. Add your brand intro/outro clips for a personalized touch to your exports. use state of the art voice-to-text solutions to transcribe your podcasts, keynotes, workshops and any other long-form content you are working with. Alongside, you can upload your brand intro/outro clips to customize the exports.

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Streamline Your Content Journey

First, effortlessly upload your content—whether it's podcasts, keynotes, or workshops. Next, dive into our intuitive editing tools to curate the most impactful moments. Finally, share your story seamlessly across various platforms, taking your content to new heights.







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Our Features

AI Transcription

Advanced speech-to-text technology in languages, with customisation and pre-training models for enterprise accounts.

Social Media Integrations

Streamline your content sharing process by integrating with popular social media platforms, ensuring efficient distribution to your audience. (Coming Soon)

Intelligent Editing

Enhance your editing process by splitting transcriptions into paragraphs, ensuring clarity and ease of use for crafting your narrative.

Dynamic Subtitles

Advanced speech-to-text technology in languages, with customisation and pre-training models for enterprise accounts. (Coming Soon)

Share Anywhere

Seamlessly share your curated content across various platforms, extending your reach and impact with just a few clicks. (Coming Soon)

Translate in Any Language

Expand your global reach by translating your content into multiple languages, breaking language barriers and connecting with diverse audiences. (Coming Soon)

Custom & Global Highlights

Tailor your storytelling by selecting and emphasising essential moments within your content, adding a dynamic touch to your narrative. (Coming Soon)

Summarise Clips

Quickly distill the essence of your content by summarising clips, providing concise insights and making your message easily digestible. (Coming Soon)

Active Speaker Recognition

Keep your audience engaged by intelligently identifying and highlighting the active speaker, enhancing the focus on key moments. (Coming Soon)

Data Passports

Track engagement metrics, analyze user interactions, and gather valuable insights with our data passports. Unlock a deeper understanding of your audience and content performance to refine your strategy and maximize impact. (Coming Soon)


Transform Your Content Creation Today

Event profetionals and marketing proetionals painpoints

With Smart Video and Marketing tools

HiveClip is your one-stop-shop for effortless and professional content creation. With our AI transcription and intelligent editing tools, you can elevate your storytelling in minutes. Get started today.

  • Can I add intros and outros to my videos?
    Yes, you can! HiveClip lets you add personalized intros and outros to give your videos a professional and branded look. This feature allows you to leave a lasting impression on your viewers and reinforce your brand's identity.
  • Is there a trial period for HiveClip?
    HiveClip offers a free signup option, which grants you access to our playground and 40 tokens to play with. This allows you to explore the features and functionality of HiveClip before subscribing.
  • Can I add my logo to the videos?
    Currently, the ability to add logos to videos is a feature that will be available soon with our upcoming Pro version. Stay tuned for the release, as it will provide advanced customization options, including the ability to add your logo seamlessly.
  • What languages do you support?
    At the moment we support: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian We are working hard to add more languages as we move forward.
  • Can I do AI video editing with HiveClip?
    Yes! We are excited to announce that AI automated editing will be available soon for our PRO accounts. This feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your video editing experience and streamline the process.
  • How can I reach support?
    The best and fastest way is to join our Discord server where you can: Submit tickets Talks to our admins and founders Meet with other creators Get freebies Find out when the new features are coming out Talk to Yoda (yes you can!) Join for free here: Alternatively, you can reach out to
  • What is the Visual Hive ecosystem?
    The Visual Hive product suite is an AI and data-driven suite of products designed for events and marketers. This comprehensive suite of tools works together seamlessly to add value to your event planning, marketing, and data visualization efforts. It includes the following products: HiveClip: Effortlessly edit and enhance your videos with our intuitive video clipping and editing tool. Buzzr: AI-powered marketing suite that assists with blogs, social posts, strategy, and more. Data Hive: Comprehensive data visualisation and analytics platform that brings multiple data sources together for actionable insights. StreamHive: Video-on-demand smart interface that revolutionises the way you deliver and consumes video content. LiveHive: Interactive live streaming solution that takes your video experiences to the next level. HivePass: Passport concept for seamless event registration and attendee management. Each product in the Visual Hive suite is designed to work harmoniously and integrate easily with other existing tools on the market, providing you with a powerful and cohesive solution for your event and marketing needs.



Free Plan

The perfect way to test our product without any cost. Enjoy 40 tokens per month, giving you a taste of our premium features. Ideal for exploration and experimentation.

Free Forever

  • ​40 tokens (1 token = 1 minute of upload/export)

  • 3 Export Formats: Landscape, Portrait, Square

  • ​A.I. Transcribing

  • Manual Cropping

Standard Plan

Perfect for starters and solo creators. Get up to 450 tokens of video editing, AI-powered transcribing, and manual cropping with HiveClip's Standard Package.


  • ​450 tokens (1 token = 1 minute of upload/export)

  • 3 Export Formats: Landscape, Portrait, Square

  • ​A.I. Transcribing

  • Manual Cropping

  • More features coming soon

PRO & Enterprise Plans

-- COMING SOON -- For professionals and small teams, the PRO Package offers advanced features like AI editing, custom highlights, and active speaker identification. Enhance your videos with ease.

Watch this space

  • AI-Powered Editing

  • AI Summarization

  • Download Transcription in PDF/DOC

  • Custom Fonts

  • Custom & Global Highlights

  •  Multilingual Translation 

  • Active Speaker Identification 

  • Embed Videos Directly on Your Website

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